Nursery/Room Décor Inspiration

5th Aug 2015

New colours in our fabulous Tee Pee range are now available.  Black and white is the latest on trend colour theme also called monochromatic and such a great colour palette to work with. Monochrome is using one colour and tones of that colour. A black white and grey theme highlighted with a pop of colour can totally transform a nursery. If you’re not sure where to start, work with one item and build from that. I like to keep it reasonably simple in style and remember less is more.

Start with a Black Cross Tee Pee in the corner of a room; add wall decals or artwork in similar tones like: black, white & greys. Throw a blanket across the bed or cot end or add a floor rug to tie it altogether. A few quirky items on a bookshelf or floating shelve can really finish the room. You may even have an old chair that can be painted or revamped to match, all very simple easy ways to create a beautiful look.

You can also work with a colour palette and theme your décor around it. It’s simple when you group colours matching the same tones. You can do this in varying shades of one colour or mixed colours, like bright rainbow or all pastel tones. Theme it around a favourite thing/item for example: forest, dinosaurs, fox, butterflies, arrows, vintage cowboys & Indian’s or fairies. Such a stunning effect is created by simple matching of colours. Don't hesitate to ask for help with colours as there are cool & warm colours with a colour palette and cool blue pinks clash with warm apricot pinks.

If you are renting there are plenty of options without having to paint a wall! Try removable wall stickers but make sure they are removable!! A few dots, clouds or triangles either grouped or in rows can just take away from the look of bare walls and such an easy way to decorate a bedroom or nursery. Felt garlands are another beautiful, simple and effective way to decorate, add style and colour and again easy to hang and remove.

I also love bus rolls with beautiful positive inspiring words or phrases or even a splash of art work. Prints these days come in a range of colours, styles and sizes so you can get something perfect for your theme. A framed piece of artwork above the bed or change table can bring the room to life!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog and wish you every success on creating a special place for your little one. Please feel free to pop in to the store for some inspiration and advice – we are always happy to help.

Julie & Sarah xx