Why we love books so much at Madison Jane

7th Jul 2015

Why we love books so much at Madison Jane

Reading creates a time for relaxation and to connect with your children or in my case, grandchildren.

After a busy day of play and learning it is a sweet cuddly time, especially nice to relax before


Madi, Josh and I nearly always explore books when they come for a sleepover. They love to make

their choices as to which books we read. We also delight in looking to see if there is a name, date

and message in the front of the book. I have many of my children’s books with their names and who

it was from, creating a little exercise in math as we work out how old the book is. I gave Madison

some books for her to look after from when I was a child, which in her eyes were very, very old


Reading Helps Little Minds Grow

We often forget what little sponges children’s minds are as from birth they soak up all that is around

them and all the information and experiences we can give.  From an early age by listening to us read

they are learning the basic sounds of language. Even though One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

like all rhyming, books are repetitive and they encourage learning with the repetition of the words.

Children aren’t born with an innate knowledge that text is read from left to right or how the words

on the page relate to the images. It fascinates me to see customers with a duel language whose quite

young children understand both English and the second language. We also talk to children and they

understand our speech sometimes long before they have themselves developed the skills of talking.

Make Reading a Fun Special Time for You and Your Little One

Books without a doubt expand a child’s horizons of animals, people and all that is in the world

around them. They learn concepts of big, small, colours, shapes and the use of their own imagination in

story telling.  Reading in this age of technology is even more important than when I was young.  It is

too easy to hand a child an iphone, ipad, or for them to watch TV or play with battery powered toys that do the thinking

for them. These are a part of every day life but reading develops and uses our very own, most

powerful computer...our brain!  Far more powerful than any electronic device.

Encourage reading! Make reading fun!  Make time to read to your little ones, as a parent reading to

their child is the most amazing gift you can give them!

xx Julie