Metallic Silk Crayons

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Based on the original bestseller Silk Crayons, this beautiful set of Tiger Tribe Metallic Silk Crayons is a fun range of six shimmering metallic colouring-in tools for kids. Silk Crayons will make you re-think your definition of a crayon… Is it a crayon? Pastel? Or a water colour paint? Perfect for any colouring project, Silk Crayons go on silky smooth like a pastel (the colours are more vivid than a standard wax crayon) and then to change the look you simply add water with a paintbrush to create a water colour effect. 

These Tiger Tribe Silk Crayons are non-toxic, odour free and water-soluble so stains are easily washed out. The extra fun bit is each crayon comes in a twist-up tube (just like mum’s lipstick), so there’s no mess and no waste.

Suitable for Ages: 3+ Years

Materials: Non-toxic, odour free and water-soluble

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