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Lively Living organic essential oils compliment the Aroma Snooze, Aroma Bloom and Aroma Pearl.  Lively Living have created a boutique collection of premium grade, 100% Pure & Certified organic essential oils to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Essential oils are the life force of flowers & plants and can be used to address health imbalances in a holistic way. Even though aroma therapy has become a common term, many people are yet to realise the full potential & the healing benefits of a single drop of essential oil.
Essential oils are a powerful way to enhance a positive mental & emotional state & build resistance to pathogens.

Snooze  This blend combines 7 powerful oils brought together specifically for their combined effects. These oils all complement and bring out the best qualities in each other. Contains organic Australian Sandalwood, known as one of the finest oils in the world, whilst supporting Australian Farmers. Sweet smelling and soothing aroma, which is potent in benefits, yet not overpowering as you drift off to sleep.

Breathe Breathe blend is ideal  to clear the airways and improve general breathing by combining the goodness of 100% organic herbs and fruits, Breathe aids in lessening respiratory issues by helping to clear and open up the airways to promote easy breathing. When diffused, these benefits are paired with a purification of the air, helping to eliminate airborne bacteria, all the while emitting a fresh aroma to  relax the mind and body.

Positivity  A positive state of mind, helps you to cope with all life situations but also can  lead to more beneficial outcomes in life.The uplifting  citrus aromas of lime and spearmint, blended with the calming  aromas of Ylang ylang and bergamot. You cannot help but feel happy, uplifted and rejuvenated  with this blend.

Sniffles and Coughs The rarer essential oils used in this blend including Frankincense Carterii,  Marjoram, Thyme, Cedarwood Virginian have created a very purposeful blend which is suitable little ones. The quick improvements in little ones health and breathing. A beautiful blend, which supports breathing and sleeping, though have used more rarer oils, other than Eucalyptus and Lavender, which are more commonly used for these purposes.

Relaxation  Relaxation  blend may have a calming effect to calm nerves and relax  the mind and body and help to balance moods, relieve anxiety and support a restful nights sleep.

Winter Rescue Winter Rescue Remedy focuses on two important aspects of your families health and wellbeing. The Tea Tree and Eucalyptus Oil help combat the symptoms respiratory congestion, sinus and breathing issues – ie. runny noses and coughs. The Lavender Oil helps soothe and calm the body so that you can get the rest needed to recover quickly. Its perfect to eliminate congestion whilst asleep.

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