Scrunch - Bucket Dusty Rose

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Scrunch Bucket Dusty Rose

Water and children just go together, they love it. In the garden, in the bath or at the beach! And what better to go with water is this fabulous range of Scrunch products, buckets, watering cans, sand moulds, spades and Frisbee's. Made from 100% recyclable silicone they are easy to pack and take on holidays or to the beach. Soft and squishy they fold into the small spaces in the car.

In a lovely range of on trend dusty colours, eco-friendly they are designed to last for years unlike plastic that goes brittle and is easy to break.

Recyclable – made from 100% recyclable silicone

Sustainable – use it over and over again

Washable – easy to keep clean

Non-toxic – it can double as a dog bowl or a plant holder

Strong – it’s made to last

Durable – it’ll hold its shape and look good for years

Height - 16cm
Width - 13cm
Depth - 10cm



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