Shark Chasey Catch A Fish

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Tiger Tribe - Shark Chasey Catch A Fish. 

Bath time is such a relaxing way to end the day for kiddies and this bath toy will make it so much fun.
With this bright bath toy, kids use the big mouth shark net to scoop and catch as many of the fish as they can. Once they're caught, kids can count the fish -  how many green, how many blue? 
This helps aid their counting skills and colour recognition too. This type of play has other benefits, including developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they grip and pull the toddler-friendly net handle and watch out for fish in the water. 

The floating fish in this set are made from EVA foam, so they also stick to the tiles or bath when wet for extra fun. 
Set comes with 7 fish and a shark net

Fish are made from EVA foam that floats & sticks to tiles & bath when wet
Aids in development of fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination

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