Bowl & Spoon Silicone with Suction Base

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Meal times when little bubs start feeding themselves can be messy and trying for both mum and bub.

These bowls are designed to help with the curved lip at one end, suction base and soft spoon. The suction base holds it firm and while the curved lip allows the spoon to be leveled off before it's brought to the mouth, meaning less mess!

Available in a gorgeous range of dusty colours.

Rose, Dusty Sage, Ether, Cinnamon, Dusty Blue, Dusty Blush & Peachy Blush

Matching silicone & beech wood spoon included.

Care and Use Instructions:

Suction will not work on uneven or damaged surfaces. Wooden tables that aren’t smooth, or plastic high chairs that have scratches/dents won’t hold the bowl in place - although it will still look very pretty!

To get the best suction attachment, slightly dampen the base of the bowl & the surface you wish to attach it to with a damp cloth. Press from the inside of the bowl out to ensure the whole suction base is in contact with the table, without any air pockets.

Your bowl is safe to clean in warm/hot soapy water or top shelf of the dishwasher..

As your spoon has a wooden handle it requires extra care. Avoid submerging into water, simply clean the silicone in soapy water and wipe down handle. Allow to air dry.

We recommend applying a coconut oil regularly to the wooden handle.


  • Made from high quality, food grade, BPA free silicone that is dishwasher safe and microwaveable. YES!
  • Full silicone suction base for extra sticking and less spilling
  • Purpose design to help littlies scoop up the food 
  • Currently available in 8 fabulous colours.
  • 15cm diameter, 8.6cm high
  • Spoon length is 14cm 
  • Silicone bowl can withstand heat in microwave and oven up to 240c



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