Zipboom - Magnetic Game - I Spy from the Car

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Another fabulous product designed here on the Gold Coast. This really is all for the mum's and Dad's! Because this is going to be a life saver when on a road trip or holiday travel. We are all familiar with the words " Are we there yet " when we are only 5 minutes down the road! We all love a game of I Spy but this is the quiet version! The kids have their little tin with magnet pieces to put on all the things they see. They are also learning what all the road signs mean.

Bring your child’s imagination to life with Zipboom Magnetic Games. Each tin has been designed with thought and care. Being magnetic, all pieces can be placed back inside the tin with no fuss or mess. Seven fabulous designs to choose from or to grow your range. 

 I Spy from the Car

 Road Sign Scavenger Hunt

 I Spy at the Coffee Shop

 Coffee Shop Scavenger Hunt

 I Spy Camping

 Camping Scavenger Hunt

 I Spy at the Airport

 Airport Scavenger Hunt

The educational games will help develop your child’s fine motor skills, independence, foster a learning of letter and sound recognition, as well as image matching concepts. You will find two varieties of each game designed for car travel, aeroplane travel, camping adventures and visiting a coffee shop. (each sold seperately) Designed and illustrated in Australia, these NonTech based, colourful, fun designs will keep your child’s mind curious and occupied while you are on your next trip or outing.

Suitable for Ages 3+





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