5 Goal Setting Tips for 2022

The first week of the year is usually when we start planning ahead, setting some goals, ditching some bad habits and creating some new ones! Here are some of our top tips for setting achievable goals this year.

1. Be realistic with what you can achieve. You wouldn't run 100km marathon if you have never ran before so why would you set a goal that you cant reach? Set yourself small milestones that you can achieve that way you will not set yourself up to fail. No matter how small a goal ticked off your list is a goal achieved!

2. Keep your list short and sweet. There's no point setting yourself a list of 1000 things. Keep it short and to the point. Make your goals things that will act as stepping stones to a larger achievement, Like launching a business. There are loads of small steps you need to take before you launch start with them and you will progress no matter what the end goal is.

3. Stick to your guns. Don't let one little set back stop you, push on and keep going. Get back on the horse as they say. Whats that saying, 'if you aren't successful you haven't failed enough' and this is true here. Each time we fail we learn and we develop our skills. Whether you are trying to lose weight, reach a parenting goal or master a new skill, you NEED to fail to grow. Don't be too hard on yourself you are a force of nature and you will get there!

4. Get a journal and write it all down. Writing your list down will make it real. It will also send it out into the universe to be manifested! So grab yourself a sweet little journal and start writing down all you want to achieve this year. I remember doing this last year and when I read back over it recently I was gob smacked at how many things 'came true' just from writing them down. I mean, it was freaky how much happened. Reflection is an amazing gift you can give yourself.

5. Sharing is caring or in this case it holds you accountable! So share your goals with your fam or your friends, or just someone, even your dog, let another being know all of the amazing things you are going to do this year. Just like writing it down, saying it really cements it into your mind, and whether you truly believe you can get there, by simply saying it you have opened up the door to opportunity.

Enjoy your growth and have fun with it! Maybe even show your kids how to set their own goals? 

Lorelle Ackland
Boutique Marketing Solutions

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