Swim Nappy Red

Swim Nappy Red

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Swim Nappy Size

Pea Pods Swimming Nappies are contoured for ease of movement in the water.

Soft elastic at legs and tummy provide leak free containment.

With a waterproof, breathable outer layer and built in absorbency, they are also perfect for small accidents and toilet training.

Available in Red, Blue and Swirl

Reusable Swimming Nappies


Environmentally Friendly

Washing instructions:

Wash with other laundry items using only 1/2 strength detergent.

Line or tumble dry (low)

Size Guide

Small       0 - 4 mths           5 – 8 Kg

Medium   6 – 8 mths           7 – 10 Kg

Large      18 mths – 3 yrs    9 – 12 Kg 


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